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The web-based Comm’ant software for quality and process management and the Process Model Canvas (PMC) – will give you insight in where the possibilities are to increase profit by:

  • saving costs;
  • improving cash-flow;
  • realize an increase in turnover;
  • increase prices;

With Comm’ant, you can implement the 4 core aspects of modern management (presented below).

Make agreements tangible

The dynamic way in which processes are being described and showed in Comm’ant provides the user with a clear and an instant overview of the process chain. All of the communication streams within the process is visible and Comm’ant automatically connects the loose ends within the business process. As a result a fully synchronized business process model. More details through the process and output.

Which results do the customers of Comm’ant experience

Dorel Juvenile Europa

Comm’ant supports the new way of organising. No micro-controlling needed of every single detail.

Acket Drukkerij & Kartonnage

Comm’ant does not only take care of making company structures insightful and keeps all of the relevant data up-to-date, but it also contributes to a pleasant working environment, without losing time.

Waterschap Peel en Maasvallei

We have changed from Mavim to Comm’ant. It’s now clear to us, what a true quality management system is all about. Very inspiring employees. And a great service!

Huisman Equipment

All of our branches need to be able to work in a uniform way. Comm’ant is a great example, when one uses the correct tools, half the work is already been done.

Koninklijke Bammens

Besides process description and ISO-certification, it is for Bammens of interest, that the cohesion within the company is insightful. Comm’ant helps us doing so.

Priema BV

Due to the structure of Comm’ant, business processes become very insightful. This is something, that wouldn’t be possible with a drawing-tool.

Gemeente Amsterdam

Comm’ant really adds value when we would like to discuss business processes. The software is very user-friendly and easy to access (SaaS).


Due to Comm’ant we are able to work faster, more efficient and save costs. On top of that, it helped us to increase the overall knowledge of all of our colleagues.

Gemeente Amsterdam
Vooral heel waardevol bij de online ondersteuning van gesprekken over het werk. Zeer gebruiksvriendelijke software en toegankelijk via de cloud.

Priema BV
Door de integrale opzet krijg je een goed inzicht bij het beheersen van processen. Met tekentools krijg je nooit zoveel inzicht!

Waterschap Peel en Maasvallei
Wij zijn overgestapt van Mavim naar Comm’ant. Het is nu duidelijk waar kwaliteitsmanagement om draait.
Zeer inspirerende medewerkers en directeur. Service is top!

Commant maakt ons sneller, succesvoller en zorgt voor minder faalkosten. Bovendien steeg het verlangen naar een integraal systeem om onze kennis te borgen!

Dorel Juvenile Europa
Het pakket dat aansluit bij ‘het nieuw organiseren’. Terug naar de bedoeling en stoppen met het controleren en beheersen van elk detail!

Huisman Equipment
One team, one company; alle vestigingen moeten in goede harmonie en op dezelfde manier werken. Erik: Goed gereedschap is het halve werk!

Koninklijke Bammens
Naast procesbeschrijving en ISO-certificering is het voor Bammens van belang dat inzicht wordt verkregen in de samenhang van de organisatie!

Acket Drukkerij & Kartonnage
Comm’ant zorgt niet alleen voor structuur en relevante up-to-date informatie, maar ook voor een prettige werksfeer zonder tijdverlies!

Numbers say so much more…




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Companies which are using Comm’ant:

NEW: The Comm’ant Knowledge Database

Knowledge is meant to be shared. That is why Comm’ant provides the Knowledge Database. This database is filled with knowledge, tips, and case studies regarding various themes from various fields. Looking for inspiration? Get to know the Comm’ant vision on how processes and improvements can be reached.

Visit the knowledge database!

Cloud or on premise installation?

The Comm’ant solution can be installed:

  1. On premise;
  2. in the Cloud (SaaS).

The Cloud (or SaaS) version is hosted in the Comm’ant Cloud, in the Netherlands.

On premise implementation is a full license of the Comm’ant software with installation on your own server, in your own company network.

On premise implementation has more modules available. The Cloud however, is easily scalable.
If you want to find out, which installation suits your needs the best? Read the most important differences between the two here below:


Starts from € 49,50 p.m.

 Immediate access

Flexibly scalable (up & down)

 No contract / immediate termination

 Secure in NL cloud

Incl. maintenance & backup

On premise

Own server or dedicated setup

Maintained by your own ICT organization

Installation in your company network

Option: Single sign-on

Incl. service & support

Ideal for a substantial number of users

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