David Ruting is an inventor, writer, investor en versatile entrepreneur in the field of organizational development and management systems.


His experience with streamlining more than 100 SMEs and large ventures has resulted in a simple and effective approach for creating clarity in work agreements and communication agreements, and connecting people and processes. This approach brings the quality and business results for employers to a ‘sustainable higher level’.


For more than 15 years David Ruting, as founder of Comm’ant Nederland B.V., leads the development and supply of the Comm’ant system. Comm’ant is a management method and software system for integrated management and quality and is used by government and health care organizations, and in various industries.


David Ruting trains and support selected entrepreneurs and managers who want to improve their results with process- and resultoriented business operations. He invests wherever he sees opportunity for connections or trust in the added value of the Comm’ant mangement method.

Sharing knowledge

As a writer he momentarily works on his book about the Process Model Canvas, he acts as a public speaker and coaches CEO’s and management teams. Furthermore, he is an active board member of the SqEME foundation, a dutch knowledge centre and network of experts in the field of process management. In addition, the Comm’ant method is shared with and taught at several education establishments on an academic level, where students and graduates can use the tools for free during their internship.