Collaborate with Comm’ant

Would you like to collaborate with Comm’ant as a consultant? Then we would like to invite you for a primary introduction at our office. You can be a part of the monthly introduction workshop for organizational consultants. As a partner, you are also welcome to take part in our seminars, where customers and other partners share their experiences with Comm’ant. Furthermore, every partner gains access to the online expert system ‘How-to-Commant’, where a wealth of information is developed and shared.

Consultants work with Comm’ant as network partners. They take on projects of their clients and use Comm’ant for the tooling and training of the practical application skills.

Comm’ant support this method with elementary agreements to ensure a swift start against low costs. The customer will receive a subscription which can be expanded or terminated at any moment in time, and if preferred can be installed on premise.

A clear division of roles will lead to more added value which increases the success for both you and your customer!

A common solution

In some situations the best solution is a combination of (1) your own knowledge and experience, and (2) Comm’ant tools from the Cloud. We are always on stand-by to support you in the thought-process of complicated business issues. As a consultant you will receive support through our products and our service specialists.

The implementation of Comm’ant will occur through a combination of your advice, the customer’s input and the support of Comm’ant. The result will be more than a set of individual process drawings and documents. We are talking about a solid process- and quality management system, which will periodically be checked, developed, and improved.

Interested in the possibilities? Request the partner programme!