Support during your internship or graduation

Would you like some support during your internship or graduation? We believe in the power of collaboration, with a clear process agreement as the guide to success! Your findings will contribute to your research or internship, which will also help the company where you’re doing your internship.

Do you want to work with us?

As a student, we offer you the possibility of using the professional Comm’ant process management tools for free during your graduation. We know from experience that students often gain so much success with our product that they are offered jobs at their employer after graduating. In short, a big chance for everyone on success and fortune.

For more than 15 years organizations have used the Comm’ant method and online software to create clarity in the business operations and processes. They structurally build organizational processes to improve the quality, client satisfaction, and profitability. Even the working atmosphere for employees and managers will improve!

Our offer

Are you studying business administration of business economics and are you graduating or taking on an internship? Then you can apply now for one of our free introduction training moments.

During this training you will gain access to your own online Comm’ant system which you can use effectively from day one.

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Graduating as a project on its own

When you look at professional project management, you can apply its principles directly on graduating. Every phase produces results that have to get the ‘OK’ before you can move on.

  • Phase 1. Formulate your assignment as a process: Students build structure in their graduation assignment with the Comm’ant system. They explicitly visualize what their ‘deliverables’ are, as the OUTPUT of their activities. This allows the employer and supervisor to see what you are planning and whether you are ready to start. The faster you work through this phase, the more time you will have for the ‘actual’ work.
  • Phase 2. Determine the scope: An important phase is charting the process or processes where the employer experiences business issues or challenges and therefore wishes to create clarity and improvement. This approach is so specific that students can really execute their plan and realize the envisioned results for the organization where their internship takes place.
  • Phase 3. The execution. Graduation assignments in business administration usually cover a specific business issue, for which the business processes need to be examined and identified. Examples of these processes are: the complete overview (e.g. Business Model Canvas), the primary production processes, financial processes (AO/IC), HR processes, IT processes (ITIL), project processes (Prince2/Scrum), etcetera.

Furthermore, research has been done in specific branches to gain knowledge and share it with its members. In most cases a certain case is addressed where a tangible business issue is solve with the Comm’ant method and tools.

As a student, there are several ways to become eligible for supervision. This allows you to be supervised by an experienced business consultant who will help you with solving complicated business issues and communicating this solution to higher management. This gives you the opportunity to learn a lot and to gain experience in the business of a business consultant.

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