The new foundation for your construction company

Say what you do, and do what you say: comprehensible communication and instant action are essential in construction. Especially when you work with different teams for every project. Comm’ant is a living blueprint of your organization. The system facilitates a precise alignment of activities, which you can blindly rely on. All participants in the project – both your own employees and subcontractors – have access to an up-to-date information system at all times. Business processes, work agreements and procedures are equal to the need. This saves time and money.   

Increase profit with quality management

Comm’ant provides an integrated management system to construction companies, consortia, and projects. It is used to organize organization processes and control working methods. Risks, quality, health, safety, and environment issues (QHSE) are perfectly secured and controlled with this integral project-process management system. However more importantly, the system is a communication tool and plays an active role in involving employees. This will contribute to an improved attitude and behaviour.

Control knowledge, your greatest asset

With Comm’ant the knowledge and experience of the employees is being centralized into one system. The information is being organized and ready to share with other / new colleagues. The experience from current projects is actively gathered and administered in reference project templates, so you can take the lessons-learned into account for future projects. The continuity of your organization is being strengthened by connecting the knowledge to your company processes. Even during a staff change the current knowledge, the capital you invested in, is retained within the company.

Convince your (potential) customers

Comm’ant users increase their chances to be awarded with projects during tenders. After all, with Comm’ant you can present a high level of professionalization in business operations and processes, which you can used to convince potential clients to trust their challenge to your company.

Our experience helps you move forward

Well known companies like Heijmans, Strukton and VolkerWessels use Comm’ant and constructively work on the quality of their project management processes. For other SME, we offer a practical and dynamic quality system. Comm’ant has years of experience in the construction sector. Whether it concerns development, realization, or maintenance: your results improve with Comm’ant.

For example, discover how Van Hattum and Blankevoort uses Comm’ant to their advantage.

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