Transparent business operations and quality management in health care

Increasing competition, higher demands from patients, insurance companies, and government, restriction of budgets, lack of workforce, rising costs, new contracts and cooperations, different rules: as a health care institution you can barely work your way through it.

Of course you have to respond! With process innovation, collaboration, knowledge management, you will be able to improve your organization in a structural way.

Clarity within the organization

Manuals are rarely organised well enough that they work fast and in an efficient manner. The same goes for a digital version. With Comm’ant you are able to record your business processes and process descriptions in a structural manner. The processes are linked to your objectives, policies, demands, risks and performance indicators. Which makes the system very transparent and easy to use.

Connect with your environment

Comm’ant also provides you with up to date information from external parties. This way you can demonstrate how your quality is ensured or how the governing of liabilities is regulated. Stakeholders, visitors, auditors, accountants, and supervisors are informed accordingly. Comm’ant is the perfect system, when you would like to obtain certain certificates.

Transparent operational management

Most of the process and procedure descriptions only give employees the answer to the ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ of work. Comm’ant also provides insight in the ‘why’. The cohesive presentation of information presents employees with insight in the effect of their activities on the business processes and the environment. This insight and the possibilities of communication results in a commitment to the organization and its performance.

Enthusiasm and the motivation to attribute to ideas for quality improvement are the consequence of this commitment, and the organization will benefit from it!

A great example of a health care institution who works with Comm’ant is Ipse de Bruggen.

Read one of our cases (in Dutch), a source of inspiration for addressing your organizational processes.