Business vs. IT

Aligning IT with the processes and objectives of the organization is not an easy task. This has to do with bringing together the perceptions of both parties coordinating the expectations. In Business and IT alignment it takes more than just translating the business strategy of the board and management. It is often the case that IT supervisors manage in the same way as the organization. Therefore, it is a challenge for the IT department to convert the ambitions of the organization into technical solutions. This generally leads to an IT solution that does not correspond with the present problem. The cause: lack of a common language.

Comm’ant, the link between business and IT

Comm’ant translates the mission, vision, and strategisch objectives of your organization in tangible organizational processes. A clear distinction is made between business processes and technical processes.

  • Business processes mainly entail the compancy performance, key performance indicators and control aspects.
  • Technical processes are more concerned with the integration of applications.

Comm’ant gives you the opportunity to integrated both principles in one platform. This ensures improved communication and collaboration.

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