Turbulent times in the industry sector

Times are rough. During the past few years there was a significant decrease in the Dutch industry sector. In addition, higher demands are made by the government and clients (in products and services). And of course, global competition is a constant challenge, which means falling behind is not an option.

Organizations in the industry sector are confronted with the following challenges:

  • Smart reorganization
  • Retaining or increasing profit
  • Avoiding knowledge leaks
  • Preserving quality

Why does 90% of the organizations in industry fail in facing these challenges?

Process quality and process management are proven methods of approaching the current challenges. Nevertheless a lot of companies still face the following question: “Why is it not working in my organization?“.

The most common scenarios are:

  • The quality manual in its (paper) document shape are barely used and end up on the (digital) shelf.
  • Employees spend more time on putting out fires rather then working on their original task, because there is no job description available.
  • Knowledge is harboured in the minds of employees instead of in a central system. When employees leave the company, they take valuable knowledge with them.

Comm’ant helps you to be part of the successful 10%: the companies where it does work!

In successful organizations, subjects like quality management, process management, and organizational development get the attention they need, especially from management and the board. Of course this has to do with a clear vision within the company. A living management system is necessary to endure in these times. Making a blueprint of the organization to gain insight in the company processes and the process chains is a first step. With a blueprint it will become clear where the bottlenecks and blind spots are in the company management. After that you can work on continuous improvement, through the well known Deming Circle (PDCA). This is exactly what the Comm’ant method and software has to offer: Insight, overview, and prospect.

Furthermore, matters like customer and contract demands, risks, quality, safety, health and welfare are excellently secured and controlled. Comm’ant is not just a Process Management system, it is a Quality Management system as well.

In addition, Comm’ant is a Knowledge Management system. Valuable knowledge and experience of employees is picked up, organized, and shared with colleagues. By re-using this knowledge, you capitalize on your investments in tuition and innovations.

Because Comm’ant is an integral management system, it is not only used to reduce costs, but also for increasing profit, harbouring knowledge and elevating quality. Comm’ant helps you to move forward, through years of experience in the industry sector.

Read in our customer cases (in Dutch) how for example Acket packaging, Dorel Juvenile Products, Dockwise, and Momentive faced these challenges with the help of Comm’ant.

Read one of our cases (Dutch), a source of inspiration for addressing your process organization.