Regional Safety Coordination

Regional safety coordination areas are areas in the Netherlands in which various parties of governance and services work together in coordinating care during disasters, calamities, and crises on a larger scale. They are faced with the challenge of giving more structure to the design and governing of the organization. These relatively young organizations are intertwined with many different chain partners, who have their own culture and agenda. This makes their world complex to unite all of these different institutions.

To improve the collaboration, it is necessary to gain insight in the organizational processes, the cohesion between those processes, and all relevant information with regards to the business operations. Tasks, responsibilities, and authorities are an important part in this.

The complexity often diminishes the capacity to act, and therefore the governing party can be under pressure. It is time to structurally do something about that.

Insight, overview and prospect

Comm’ant unburdens and helps with creating clarity in business processes. Comm’ant connects people and processes. The system supports in using a common language for the entire organization. The focus lies when the task is being hand off. Miscommunication occurs for 80% at the handover.  That is why an essential agreement between two parties to secure a smooth collaboration. When there is not a clear demand, or plan, we help with orientation workshops to give the board and management knowledge and insight in the possibilities. Then there can be a productive discussion on the course of the organizational development. The Comm’ant software is a communication platform to gather employees and partners: your integral Regional Safety Coordination system. The Comm’ant method and software help safety organizations with:

  • improved cooperation with partners
  • govern with the focus on results
  • providing better service
  • working more efficiently
  • optimizing communication

Cooperation and experience which helps you forward

Comm’ant works with all the chain partners that you, as a safety organization, are involved with, like: police departments, fire departments, National Health Services, municipalities, and ministries. This collaboration creates an enormous amount of useful knowledge. In addition, Comm’ant has years of experience with the nationally integrated dispatch processes and for example the Regional safety coordination of Rotterdam Rijnmond.

Read one of our cases (in Dutch), a source of inspiration for addressing your process organization.