Quality management for Regional Water Authorities

These times are financially challenging, working efficiently is more important than ever. Making and saving money is a top priority also for regional water authorities. Because of the recession, regional water authorities are stimulated to cooperate even more with municipalities and other water authorities. Dry feet, clean and sufficient amounts of water are goals of a water authority. How do they effectively and efficiently carry out such complex and important tasks? 

Make sure you cover the basis

Organizing the conduct of business, that is the first phase in which regional water authorities involve Comm’ant. The primary, supporting and governing processes are formulated and equipped with the existing documentation. Comm’ant is a relational database, which makes creating insight in the cohesion between business lines and their connections much easier. It becomes simpler to engage in conversations about the company processes. That way, ideas for improvement arise.

Keep on innovating

Innovation is never over, in every type of organization it is necessary to think about improvements. Improvement proposals are very valuable and Comm’ant makes it possible to accommodate them all in one environment, with all the relevant information regarding the conduct of business. If anyone leaves the organization, their knowledge is preserved within the company. A clear organizational process is essential for easily adopting to new circumstances.  It makes it possible to communicate about new developments, agreements, the current situation and continuous improvement of the conduct of business.

For example, regional water authorities Hoogheemraadschap Van Delftland and Roer en Overmaas are especially enthusiastic about the usability of Comm’ant. Read in our cases (Dutch) what the water authorities use Comm’ant for.

Read one of our cases, a source of inspiration for addressing your process organization.