Process Model Canvas

Designing your business processes with the Process Model Canvas (PMC) is a logical next step after developing your Business Model Canvas (BMC).

Many entrepreneurs are taken with the beauty of the BMC, because it promotes creativity. And the concept is very applicable in this fast changing world.

However, once the business models are created, many questions arise:

  • What do we need to implement this business model in practice?
  • Which conduct of business and which business processes do we already have and what is still missing?
  • Can we, and do we want to build this business model in the organization ourselves, or are we going to look for partners who can excellently help us achieve our goal?

Supply chain configuration, outsourcing and partner integration, and other chain issues to deliver on the End-to-End business are interesting challenges.

To come from an wonderful objective to an excellent design and execution, we offer the Process Model Canvas solution. Working with the PMC approach the business models come to life. This is done in 4 phases:

  1. assessment
  2. innovation
  3. validation
  4. implementation

Motivational techniques like Open Book Management and Business Games ensure that the will to change, develop, and innovate comes from within your employees.

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