From Business Model Canvas to Process Model Canvas

Many people know the Business Model Canvas (BMC). For those of us who do not know about it: with the BMC you visualize all the aspects of your company in a tangible map. With the help of 9 building blocks you can describe the organization, the compensation model, customers, relations and suppliers. This allows you to visualize in one document which elements of the organization are essential and maybe need some adjustments.

It is a very inventive tool, but it also raises a lot of questions. How can you convert your ambitious business model into a practical reality? Which way of conducting business or which business processes are already in place, and which ones are missing? Can you and do you want to build this model in the organization yourself, or do you want to find partners who can excellently take care of this implementation for you? What about supply chain configuration, outsourcing, and partner integration? To bring a wonderful plan to an excellent design and execution, we provide you with the Process Model Canvas (PMC).

Process Model Canvas

The four phases of the PMC

The Process Model Canvas (PMC) is the logical next stap after the Business Model Canvas (BMC). With the four phases: assessment, innovation, validation, and implementation of the PMC approach, business models come to life. With the PMC you can design the transition from strategy to implementation. The instrument mobilizes leaders, managers and process experts to design a Lean Process in three simple steps: “Why – What – Wow”. The model emphasizes on critical information hand-offs and the document traffic.

Process Model Canvas and Comm’ant

Comm’ant offers the Process Model Canvas solution. A combination of training, workshops, tooling, and support. The gathered information of your Process Model Canvas fits directly into the result driven process model of Comm’ant. Now you can develop and enhance concepts and share it with all stakeholders, who are starting with the managers and the employees who execute the process.

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