Lean management: less is more

Lean management is about achieving higher quality, shorter delivery times, and better customer service at a lower price. In short, use less to achieve more. It sounds like a contradiction, but the method proves itself again and again.

How does it work?

Lean management focuses on organizational activities and their added value for the customer. First of all it needs to be visible which processes and activities are relevant within your organization. A visual representation of the conduct of business can help you with this process. The Comm´ant system offers you this possibility in a comprehensible tool. You will be able to translate the organization into processes. This will give you insight and overview. Subsequently you can determine the value of all organizational activities, do they really matter or are they irrelevant? With this inventory, you can discard all redundant activities and only the aspects that are truly valuable will remain. As a result you are not only working on your customer service, you are working on the efficiency of the organization. Furthermore, it is important that organizational activities are continuously assessed on their added value. This way you will constantly be able to achieve more with less activities. For practical support in your Lean trajectories in industry and healthcare we cooperate with several partners, one of which is LeanQuality.

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