Training module: Process Transformation

The Process Transformation module explains how to apply insights from the behavioral sciences to the structural improvement of organizations. These improvements mostly focus on adjusting organizations to the needs, possibilities, values, or limitations of the people who are part of it. The best insights and experiences in systematically planned (or even better: ‘conscious’ and ‘deliberate’) change are used in this model. Organizational psychology takes a central role in this module, and is actively supplemented with scientific knowledge of group dynamics. After all, process transformation is about changing groups of people and their interpersonal dependencies.

For whom

This module is intended for managers, specialists and advisors who want to learn to implement transformation-interventions on the level of processes, people, and groups.


  • insight and skills to develop and implement transformation processes
  • experiencing the difference between organizational development and different change management models
  • knowledge of the right order of steps in various types of interventions
  • building a good work relationship
  • rephrasing the problem definition of a client during the diagnostic phase
  • designing an effective development intervention for a defined problem in an organization
  • knowledge of how to incite a dialogue session in the role of a moderator


8 sessions (4 hours)

Preparation and knowledge

In the ‘Flipped Classroom’ the classical instruction is switched with the individual homework. This means that the classical instruction is offered online and is executed by the student at home. The ‘homework’ is collectively done in the classroom. This way the training hours are used more efficiently.


€ 2.400,-  per participant based on open submissal (courses start twice a year).

€ 7.200,- in-house session on location for a group maximum of 8 participants. Price excludes tax, travel, and possible location expenses (e.g. rent, lunch, other facilities).


The Comm’ant office in Amsterdam or to be decided.


  • Open submissal: 13 February 2017 and 13 September 2017
  • In-house: to be decided

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