Training module: Applied psychosocial research

For both applied and organizational psychologists conducting research is important. It allows them to answer interesting and relevant questions from the field as well as professional issues that originate from their own interests. You will learn to think systematically about how to set up an investigation and the choices that need to be made in it, for example the choice for a method that works best with your type of research question. This module walks you through all the phases of research, from problem analysis to final reports. Being able to conduct research is increasingly becoming important for every manager and professional who takes their field seriously. Good research starts with the right problem defnition and proceeds with making an assessment of the possible routes to a solution. Making choices is the last step.

For whom

Every employee in an organization can conduct a research, for example to discover improvement possibilities in business processes. Practice oriented research can be of much value to the business operations. Particularly (functional) staff departments can add a lot of value by feeding their decisions about processes and organizations with very valuable research results.


Learning the theory and practical application of these aspects will allow you to:

  • apply the phases of practice oriented research to a process/case
  • formulate a problem definition
  • execute several methods of research
  • deduct conclusions from gathered data
  • reflect on the quality of research
  • write a research report


6 sessions (4 hours each) 


€ 1.800,- per participant based on open submissal (courses start twice a year).

€ 7.200,- in-house session on location for a group maximum of 8 participants. Price excludes tax, travel, and possible location expenses (e.g. rent, lunch, other facilities).


The Comm’ant office in Amsterdam or to be decided.


  • Open submissal: 13 February 2017 and 13 September 2017
  • In-house: to be decided

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