Training module: Behavior in organizations

In this module the behavior in your organization will be studied. You are informed of the most important insights that scientific research from several social sciences have uncovered. Research on how people see themselves as an employee and in relation to their business processes, and research on what the indicators are that a group of people will be able to function as a team. But also how an organization can be designed in such a way that it allows their employees to achieve optimal results.

Every organization exists of a collection of  processes and can be viewed as a small society, with its own rules and customs. How can it be that someone performs excellently in one organization and fails to do their job right in another organization? How is it possible that some organizations make the right decisions in times of crisis, while other organizations perish by the hand of internal competition? When we understand the patterns of human behavior in relation to their processes, we start to become more effective as employees and as managers. What makes this subject even more interesting, is that it is so relatable. We all experience this on a daily basis: that is why knowledge of process leadership can directly be implemented. However, do not expect this module will provide you with tips & tricks on how to influence your colleagues or employees as puppets. This module provides you with a better understanding of how people move in organizations and how you, as a colleague/manager, can effectively work with that. You will discover that organizational behavior is a game of reciprocal dependance.

For whom

For managers, professionals, and consultants who want to learn to apply successful processes that lead employees instead of blocking their way. The most important variables of behavior are investigated and practical interventions learned, to influence the effectiveness of behavior.


  • insight in process behaviors in organizations
  • a grasp of the motivational factors in organizations
  • decision making in relation to processes
  • emotions and moods influence processes
  • communication and leadership in processes
  • power and politics
  • conflicts and negotiation
  • organizational structures and process culture
  • process change and development


8 sessions (4 hours)


€ 2.400,- per participant based on open submissal (courses start twice a year).

€ 7.200,- in-house session on location for a group maximum of 8 participants. Price excludes tax, travel, and possible location expenses (e.g. rent, lunch, other facilities).


The Comm’ant office in Amsterdam or to be decided.


  • Open submissal: 13 February 2017 and 13 September 2017
  • In-house: to be decided

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