Training module: Process focused coaching

Everyone is the executor, the processor of one’s processes. Becoming aware of your own responsibilities is an important development step. In this training module you will learn how to develop the skills to coach yourself and others: how do people gain the best from themselves and their process? Through coaching people speed up their learning processes, and explore the limits of their growth. Process focused coaching is coaching in the process, and therefore it is action oriented. Process focused coaching is based on cognitive, evolution, and positive psychology. Practical theories and interventions come from transactional analysis theory.

For whom

For managers, professionals, and consultants who want to learn how to coach from the perspective of coaching leadership. Coaching is focused on development and processes.


Several psychological theories and themes will be handled in this module:

  • what are the base techniques for effective coaching?
  • how can people survive in complex process situations that continuously change?
  • how can people gain the best from themselves and their processes?
  • how does Transactional Analsysis work in process coaching?
  • what is the impact of systemic working?
  • withouth self reflection success can easily turn into failure
  • coaching levels: individual, relational, and system


6 sessions (4 hours each)


€ 1.800,- per participant based on open submissal (courses start twice a year).

€ 7.200,- in-house session on location for a group maximum of 8 participants. Price excludes tax, travel, and possible location expenses (e.g. rent, lunch, other facilities).


The Comm’ant office in Amsterdam or to be decided.


  • Open submissal: 13 February 2017 and 13 September 2017
  • In-house: to be decided

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