Training module: Process Leadership

This training module is intended for people who want to learn how to make the organization more effective and simultaneously want to achieve their personal vision. For managers who are faced with all sorts of issues for which conventional thinking will not provide a solution.

In this training module the psychology of leadership is uncovered, and that leads to astonishing insights. A good leader is an example. Is that a innate gift, or can it be taught? What is the meaning of leadership in a process oriented organization?

We learn how to experiment with the infrastructure of the organization. As you go along, a new type of organization will progressively develop, an organization which is better equipped to deal with the issues and possibilities of today. An organization which invests in her capacity for the future. How do you build an organization with dynamic learning processes and which also learns from its processes?

For whom

This module is intended for (senior) managers, business professionals, and consultants who want to gain insight in the success factors of the different levels of leadership. This module is a must for (potential) process owners. Do we lead our processes or do our processes lead us? What is the secret of  inspiration and quality in processes? What the worth of integrity? How does leading by example work? How do you develop a learning process climate in organizations?


These questions will all be handled to enable you to:

  • gain insight in process focused relation models
  • stay loyal to the truth
  • develop personal mastery
  • build a shared vision
  • think systematically in an organization
  • organize dialogue sessions
  • create strategies for team development
  • construct guiding principles for an organization


8 sessions (4 hours each)


€ 2.400,- per participant based on open submissal (courses start twice a year).

€ 9.600,- in-house session on location for a group maximum of 8 participants. Price excludes tax, travel, and possible location expenses (e.g. rent, lunch, other facilities).


The Comm’ant office in Amsterdam or to be decided.


  • Open submissal: 13 February 2017 and 13 September 2017
  • In-house: to be decided

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