Periodical Process Check-UP – Maintenance is essential!

Process check-UP? Once the Comm’ant method is implemented, the organization becomes a well-oiled machine. To ensure a sustainable improvement, it is important to periodically evaluate the processes. This guarantees the preservation of high level  quality in your process agreements and its enforcement. An evaluation can also easily be linked to a training moment. When you need the sharp eye of an experienced investigator, we are there for your organization. Not to critize, but to constructively attribute to simplification and improvement of the processes.

Dependent on the situation, your preferences, and ambitions, we offer:

  • Quick/Scan – Process Maturity
  • Implementation Support – Designing a solid foundation
  • Conversion Support – Building with existing documents
  • Organizational development – Wisely making changes
  • Periodical Process Evaluation – Maintenance is essential

Depending on your preferences and ambitions we offer:

Quick Scans, Implementation support, Conversioon support, Organizational development, Quality, Health and Safety trajectories, HR alignment, IT alignment, Risk & Control trajectories, Periodical Process Evaluation.


Depending on your preferences and ambitions we offer:

Quick Scan – Process Maturity

An investigation and inventory of several days to gain insight in the condition of your business operations. In this investigation the consultant can focus on a part of or the entire organization and through interviews and deskresearch the businesses processes will be charted.

Implementation support – A solid foundation

With existing management systems and manuals, Comm’ant offers the possibility of a precise and quick transfer to a new system. This way you will have a solid foundation for your new management system and gain insight in the improvement possibilities for streamlining processes.

Organizational development – Wisely making changes

Expanding, downsizing, merging: it can happen to any organization. The process consultants of Comm’ant use the process model as the drawing board for pragmatically charting the current and the desired situation. This provides you with an instrument for organizational development and gives employees a clear vision on the road you wish to take.