The Comm’ant quick/scan

An investigation and inventory of several days is enough to gain insight in the condition of your business operations. During this investigation, our process expert can focus on a part of the organization, or on the organization as a whole. The business processes are charted by doing field research and taking interviews.

In a quick/scan several themes and needs are highlighted, for example:

  • process maturity
  • field and task maturity
  • quality and information management
  • connection processes with HR and IT
  • operational risks, like ineffecient execution, knowledge leaks, and communication
  • financial risks like failure costs
  • insight in all tasks, responsiblities and competences of employees

After the Comm’ant quick/scan you will know how effective and efficient your processes are. This is very valuable information! It will allow you to start immediately with improvement proposals, and provides advantages for you as well as your stakeholders.

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