Introduction Comm’ant: The webbased managementsystem that is made for internet and intranet, which you already mostly use your computer and tablet for. You will notice that this management system is faster, better, and cheaper, without all the difficulty of drawing tools and complicated software. Comm’ant is developed from the need of using it in practice, and therefore it is so highly valued by our customers.

Comm’ant can be used for:

• Process management
• Quality management
• Document management
• Risk management
• Audit and complaint management
• Knowledge management
• LEAN management
• Performance management
• Certification
• Compliance management

Comm’ant provides you with:

• Insight, oversight, and perspective in business processes and process chains
• A common language for your organization and all employees
• A coherent description of all business elements and structure in documents
• More engagement of employees
• Better communication and cooperation betwee employees and other involved parties
• Healthy business operations, systematically better, quicker, more flexible, and cheaper

Customer experience

• Practical and quickly applicable
• User friendly
• Logical build-up
• Personal and intuitive
• Automatically consistent
• Easy to learn

Take a look at our customer cases and read more about the experience of our customers!