Introduction training for consultants


To give you a quick and efficient introduction with the Comm’ant method and software tools, we provide you with the introduction training. In a half day we will lead you through the landscape of process oriented organizational development.


First you will be introduced in result oriented process management, the theoretical foundation of Comm’ant. Subsequently, we will explore a fully completed management system. After that you will build a couple of processes with Comm’ant, based on cases of your choosing.


Your training result is yours to take with you and expand on after the training, because we will provide you with a free Comm’ant system for 6 months! The only thing you need is a computer with a webbrowser and access to the internet.

After the introduction training:

  • You will know how to simply and effectively use Comm’ant
  • You can independently build your first process models
  • You are equipped with a modern, web-based management system

Your advantage

Consultants who are equipped with Comm’ant improve their business and cooperations with customers. Furthermore, having a good, webbased tool is a unique selling point in gaining new business. It ensures high client satisfaction through the sustainable of your process inventory. It strengthens the bond with your client. And lastly, experienced builders are likely to gain projects through the Comm’ant network.


The introduction training takes place at the Comm’ant office in Amsterdam by appointment.

Participation for the introduction training costs: €495,- per person, including a free Comm’ant trial for 6 months.


Which trainig modules are you interested in? (Several options possible).