Kick/start on-the-job

The Kick/start training on-the-job consists out of a 2 days training coarse, which is being distributed over a 2 until 4 weeks timeframe. The training  teaches you about the tool and how to apply it. Prior to the Kick/start there is an intake meeting. During the intake the disired sitution is being determined. When the goal has been set, the business process will be elaborated during the training.

Evaluation moments will be held inbetween the days of training. These evaluation moments will focus on the process designs that have been made. You will receive immediate feedback for maximal yield and learning.

For whom?

The Kick/Start training is meant for all new users (specifically the process managers and process owners) of the Comm’ant webbased softwaretool. 


  • introduction Comm’ant method & tools
  • navigating and building in Comm’ant software
  • developing a process in Comm’ant
  • introduction to the Process Model Canvas (PMC)
  • what are the specific process controls
  • inventory of bottlenecks and possible improvement plans
  • applying improvements in the process agreements


2 days on location

Preparation and knowledge

Basic knowledge and insight in the organization and its process structure. User experience with PC and the internet for working with the Comm’ant software.


€ 1.995,- for a group with a maximum of 8 participants. Prices exclude travel and location costs.


To be decided.


To be decided.

Would you like to know more?

Which training module would you like to know more about? (multiple options possible)