Comm’ant Roll/out

Proces implementerenThe implementation of a newly designed process can be very simple. However, the question is whether a simple implementation will give you the outcome you are looking for. 

  • Are your employees on board?
  • Is there an answer for any resistance you may come across?
  • Do managers and employees go along with the new mindset and behavioral development?

If you want to realise a successful implementation, the engagement of your employees is a must!

This training session is a perfect sequel to the Comm’ant Kick/start sessions.

The program

The training consists of:

  • 2 days of training – on location, for max. 8 participants
  • Research phase: determining the project scope through an organizational quick-scan
  • Basis trajectory: for a company department or smaller organization which needs a quick and immediate result of the implementation.
  • Project trajectory: the design and implementation for the entire organization or a chain of organizations. This trajectory emphasizes the importance of  planned preparation, execution, and evaluation of the implementation. Simultaneously, you will work on acquiring and maintaining the commitment of the management and the employees.
  • Continuous improvement cycle: the “Plan Do Check Act” -phase after the implementation, during which you will learn how you can systematically and periodically compare the process results and behavior to the designed and described process and its essence.

Implementation guide

After following this training the participants will gain access to the online knowledge system “Comm’ant Implementation Guide”. This system contains reference models based on the ‘best practices’ for a successful implementation.

For whom

  • Change teams
  • Quality managers
  • Organisational consultants (internal/external)


  • 2 days

Preparation & knowledge

  • Knowledge of and experience with the Comm’ant system


€ 4.760,- for a group of max. 8 participants. Prices exclude BTW,  travel and location costs (i.e. rent, lunch, and other facilities).


In-house or to be decided.


To be decided.

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