Special offer: Open Workshop Process Model Canvas

The Process Model Canvas is a format and method for getting the essence of your business processes on the table. It is a logical next step after the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and answers the question ‘Which processes do we need to achieve our strategic goals and how do these processes align in the process chain?’

Process Model CanvasThe Process Model Canvas works in three simple steps: Why, What, and Wow! It is a simple approach which is comprehensible for everyone, and it avoids technical aspects so that board members and managers from every discipline can take part in the design session. This method creates a strong bond between the discplines, and that is vital for making the process chain and the process successful.

The Open Workshop Process Model Canvas provides an introduction in the model and the application in four phases: assessment, innovation, validation and, implementation. With this approach business models come to life!

For whom?

This workshop is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, field experts and consultants who want to gain engagement for design of business processes. And of course for those who want to successfully implement this method for a process inventory.


The most important result is the outcome of the excercise itself, based on your own case. That is: a process description on the Process Model Canvas. After this workshop the method, knowledge, and instrument are yours to design and describe a Lean process with support from your organization and your team.

After sucessfully completing the online test, you will receive the certificate “PMC Certified Practitioner”.


1 day

Preparation and knowledge

No preparation necessary

Special offer for readers of the pro/cessor newsletter

€ 495,- (instead of  € 595,-) per participant, based on open invitation to tender: every 2nd Tuesday at our Comm’ant office in Amsterdam. This offer is valid untill May 1, 2016.


Our Comm’ant office in Amsterdam


  • Tuesday June 14, 2016
  • Tuesday July 12, 2016
  • Tuesday August 9, 2016

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